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Resume Review
I've reviewed hundreds of resumes and know what works and what doesn't. In our private 1-on-1 resume review session I will break down how you can improve your resume using a framework I've developed, increasing your chances to get your foot in the door.
Mock Interviews
I've both interviewed candidates and been on the receiving end of interviews dozens of times. I know what employers are looking for and how to excel as an interviewee. The interview is where you sell yourself as a candidate; let's make sure you stick the landing.
Career Coaching & Mentorship
I've helped dozens of candidates land high paying positions at various seniorities at companies like Amazon and IMC. If you need a game plan and a mentor that can keep you on track while bolstering your skillset, look no further.
Ready to take your career to the next level?
I've consulted with dozens of individuals from a set of diverse backgrounds on everything from resume building, to career mentorship, and mock behavioral and technical interviews.
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