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I've helped dozens of candidates break into both quantitative trading and software engineering at some of the top companies in the world.
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From 0 to quant. Is it possible?

You're interested in breaking into quantitative trading, but are either unsure if you are capable, or don't know where to start. I've been there. As a commerce major with zero background in software development the cards were stacked against me. But let me tell you, it's possible. I know so because I've done it. So to have several consulting clients of mine who have landed high-paying positions at well-respected firms in the industry (IMC, Optiver and Citadel, to name a few). Whether you're looking to make a career shift into an industry where six figure bonuses are commonplace, or are a student looking for a resume review and career advice in your quest to landing your first position, I've mentored dozens of people just like you.

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What I can do for you

I provide a myriad of essential services that you need if you are to market yourself as a strong candidate to prospective employers in industries as competitive as quantitative trading and software engineering. I focus on several key areas of the hiring process including resume reviews, mock behavioral and technical interviews, and career guidance, to help you get from start to destination.

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My Client's Thoughts


Secured my dream offer at both Optiver and IMC

Prior to the final round for my top HFT preference, I did a mock behavioral session with Coding Jesus where he not only gave me invaluable feedback on the answers that I thought I had already perfected, but also on the answers to questions I didn't even know could come up (which in fact DID come up). Coding Jesus' mentorship was absolutely integral to my sucecss in breaking into the HFT industry.
Intern Quantitative Developer @ Optiver (Australia)
$124K Base (Prorated)
Discord ID: 803932599646289961

From actuary student to landing my dream job at IMC

I had multiple sessions with Coding Jesus throughout (before and during) my interview process at several HFT firms. I found them incredibly insightful and from his valuable feedback I made tremendous progress in my growth and confidence. His experience and knowledge in the field has helped me perfect my resume, and technical skills (the interview required me to implement a matching engine). Thanks to CJ and his mentorship I was able to land my dream job!
Intern Quantitative Developer @ IMC
$105K Base (Prorated)
Discord ID: Requested to not share

Landed my dream role as a trader in a leading ML hedge fund

CJ helped me channel my efforts to prepare an effective CV that would deliver the message I wanted to pass to employers. CJ was particularly useful in advising me on pet projects that would be relevant for my future role . Ultimately the quant trading industry is small and its difficult to break in, so as a new joiner, you want to build a list of talentend contacts like CJ to advise you. I strongly recommend anyone seriously dedicated to breaking into this space to book a mentoring session with him.
Trader @ Hedge Fund (London)
$185K Base + 30K Guaranteed Bonus + Variable Performance Bonus
Discord ID: Requested to not share

Landed my dream full-time role at IMC as a QD

I have landed a couple of interviews at HFT firms and wanted to maximize my chances of getting an offer by doing a mock technical interview. CJ helped me do exactly that: in an hour-long session, we’ve gone through a matching-engine based mock interview which helped me identify my weakest areas. CJ also gave me high-level interview tips and answered the technical questions I had. I got the offer I wanted the most in the end!
Junior Quantitative Developer @ IMC
$140K Total Compensation
Discord ID: Requested to not share

CJ helped me transition as a quant into the crypto space

As a quant trader working at my previous employer (large institution) for 8 years, I was looking to make the shift into a more senior position at another quant firm in the crypto space. I was rusty interviewing, and needed someone else in the industry with experience interviewing candidates benchmark my performance. Beyond CJ's invaluable experience working in the crypto space, he helped me understand exactly how I should both best position and present myself coming from trad-fin.
Senior Quantitative Trader @ Confidential (Hong Kong, Working Remote)
$120K Base, 25K Immediate Signing Bonus, 325K Expected (Performance-Based) Bonus
Discord ID: 510283673216745492

way better than 'professional' resume review services

I spent $200 on a resume made by a professional company over a two week period. It ended up being total crap, and the person who made the resume had no idea how to cater it to the swe profession. I had a 1 hour live video call with CJ. Not only did he do a better job, but I also started seeing an uptick in the number of interview opportunities I was able to land.
L4 Software Engineer @ Amazon (Canada)
$102K Base, $22K Bonus
Discord ID: 192882738527731712

I would be struggling without the advice right now

With your [CJ's] advice, I was able to land a job as a Data Scientist making $93,000 a year. This is a big step forward, as I'm self-taught and was previously laid off due to pandemic restrictions. I am now targeting blockchain, and I will implement the same advice to become a blockchain developer. I would be struggling without the [resume] session we had together.
Data Analyst @ Capitis Solutions (USA)
$93K Base, Undisclosed Bonus
Discord ID: 767021524510179358

Mentored me from CS student to internship at IMC

CJ prepared me for internships from start to finish, mentoring me in my first year of university. His experience in the field opened my eyes to what a good resume should look like, and built my confidence in my application. We spent several weeks going through the two pillars of an interview (behavioral and technical interviews). The material he recommended helped me develop myself outside the mentorship sessions.
Intern Quantitative Developer @ IMC
$100K Base (Prorated)
Discord ID: Requested to not share
My Thoughts

Blog Posts

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There is always someone asking for a resource to learn about quantitative trading. If that's you, great! Here are 5 books you should read if you'd like to become a quantitative trader. These books covers a range of topics from math, to code, to theory and more. I detail the order in which you should read these books, and include links as to where you can get them, sprinkling some insight along the way.

5 Misconceptions About Becoming a Quant Trader
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I've noticed a recurring set of misconceptions about the role and profession of a quantitative trader. Whether it's degree requirements, or team-dynamic, it's important to cut through the misinformation spread on Discord servers and online chatrooms and arrive at the truth of the matter. In this blog post I go over 5 misconceptions that are top of mind that anyone who wants to become a quantitative trader should know about.

4 Tips for Solving Quant Puzzles
October 23, 2021

Solving quantitative puzzles is hard. In 2020, I became the top Jane Street Puzzle solver, contending for the most puzzles solved that year. Over the course of the year, I gained several key insights as to how to think through complex quantitative puzzles, and the skills required to successfully solve them. This article summarizes the four core skills one needs to master in order to increase his/her chances at completing quantitative puzzles whose difficulty is on-par with that of Jane Street's.

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