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Everything You Need To Know To Break Into Quantitative Trading (As A Trader)
There is always someone asking for a resource to learn about quantitative trading. If that's you, great! Here are 5 books you should read if you'd like to become a quantitative trader. These books covers a range of topics from math, to code, to theory and more. I detail the order in which you should read these books, and include links as to where you can get them, sprinkling some insight along the way.
November 7, 2021
5 Misconceptions About Becoming a Quant Trader
I've noticed a recurring set of misconceptions about the role and profession of a quantitative trader. Whether it's degree requirements, or team-dynamic, it's important to cut through the misinformation spread on Discord servers and online chatrooms and arrive at the truth of the matter. In this blog post I go over 5 misconceptions that are top of mind that anyone who wants to become a quantitative trader should know about.
October 23, 2021
4 Tips for Solving Quant Puzzles
Solving quantitative puzzles is hard. In 2020, I became the top Jane Street Puzzle solver, contending for the most puzzles solved that year. Over the course of the year, I gained several key insights as to how to think through complex quantitative puzzles, and the skills required to successfully solve them. This article summarizes the four core skills one needs to master in order to increase his/her chances at completing quantitative puzzles whose difficulty is on-par with that of Jane Street's.
October 23, 2021
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